Back in 2013. John Pennington, owner of Universal Electric and Ron and Diane Turner, came up with the idea that they wanted to provide protection for the Police & Military K-9’s who serve the public and are often in harm’s way. Being the huge dog lovers that they are, John, Diane, and Ron came up with the idea to host a party to raise money with the main goal of purchasing bullet proof vest for the K-9’s who serve the surrounding counties & our military. So they went to work organizing an event that not only superseded their expectations but surpassed the opportunity to fulfill their dreams and goals to safeguard our four-legged K-9 Officers. In February, 2015 the first “Rex Party” went down in the party books as a huge success.

To date, Henrico, Hanover, and Powhatan Sheriff’s Departments are just a few localities who have participated in this worthwhile event. It is John, Diane, and Ron’s goal to continue to provide a defensive shield against harm for our local K-9 Units. So please, help John, Diane, Ron and the surrounding Sheriff’s Departments & Military Units, carry out this mission.